Our Story


Shahid Mustafa, Founder and Owner

Inspiration and Dedication.

My name is Shahid Mustafa and I am the founder of Taylor Hood Farms.The farm is named in honor of my maternal grandfather Archie Taylor and Tom Hood who were occupational farmers in the early 20th century.

Taylor Hood Farms has 2 acres of vegetable production using minimal tilling, an aquaponics greenhouse, three 20’ x 48’ hoop houses for extended season vegetable production, compost stations, vermiculture (worm) management, seed storing facilities, classroom space, and an herb greenhouse. We also have chickens, goats, and rabbits on our farm, whose manure we incorporate into our compost.

Our plan is to create multiple demonstrations of sustainable agricultural practices, become a USDA certified organic farm, and train a new generation of farmers to take part in what will become a burgeoning agrarian society. We hope to become an incubator for regenerative organic farmers, and be an inspiration for farmers to adopt the regenerative organic practice.

Taylor Hood Farms is located in La Mesa, New Mexico and features 2 1/2 acres of seasonal crops that are grown using organic standards. We are a small diverse farm dedicated to educating and training community members about growing food and local food systems. We are committed to providing community members access to a variety of fresh, nutritious locally grown vegetables.

Items that we are currently growing can be found at local Farmers' Markets, restaurants, and El Paso True Food.