We aim to make fresh produce accessible to all families in our community in the Paso Del Norte region.


Our Beginning

Taylor Hood Farms took root in founder Shahid's backyard and was further enhanced during his management of the MVM Farm in Mesilla, NM. Taylor Hood Farms is named in honor of his maternal grandfather Archie Taylor and Tom Hood who were occupational farmers in the early 20th century. He's been learning to practice organic agriculture since 2006, and is incorporating all that he's learned into the farm’s development. Taylor Hood Farms is committed to proving the viability, and sustainability of regenerative organic agriculture.



“Love the people, feed the people.”



Our Mission

Our plan is to create multiple demonstrations of sustainable agricultural practices, become a USDA certified organic farm, and train a new generation of farmers to take part in what will become a burgeoning agrarian society. We hope to become an incubator for regenerative organic farmers, and be an inspiration for farmers to adopt the regenerative organic practice.


Get Involved

We invite and welcome volunteers to the farm to visit, tour and put a few hours of work in if they would like.  We have volunteer hours on Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and we can work around schedules if individuals are interested in coming to volunteer at other times. 

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